“To be loved and cherished by an animal is one of life’s greatest blessings.”

~ Nikki Karis


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About Book One of Nikki Karis’ GodDogs Series

Brought to you by Pet Souls TV, Goddogs is available in both a mature edition (appr. 68,000 words) and a junior edition (appr. 50,000 words, less any curse words), this series is based upon an inspiring, true story.

Nikki Karis, a high-powered, personal injury attorney with a booming practice, is angry with God. Single, childless, and confused about the trajectory of her life, she is also suffering burnout, having mindlessly climbed the pillar of material success for many years.

One day, while battling a Goliath tobacco company during a court hearing, Karis has an epiphany and begins to plot her escape from the legal profession. Two days later, she comes across an injured dog in a parking lot, when a mysterious man appears on the scene. Not long after this serendipitous encounter, she embarks upon a journey of awakening where the veils of illusion in her life are pulled back, and she undergoes a painful, yet cathartic, dark night of the soul.

Join Karis in book one of this heartwarming series as she awakens, transforms her life, and becomes the butterfly she was born to be. Readers will delight in meeting the amazing dogs who join Karis in her inspiring journey back to God.


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About Nikki Karis, the Author

Meet Nikki Karis, author, inspiring speaker, animal advocate, and creative entrepreneur. Karis’ given name is Nikki Marie Kavouklis, and she resides on the West Coast of Florida with her rescue cats and dogs, who inspire her as she creates and writes.

Prior to launching her inspiring projects, including her book series and merchandise site, she was a practicing personal injury attorney for twenty-eight years, having her own law firm with six locations at the height of her practice. During the pandemic of 2020, however, Karis finally decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her lifelong dream of inspiring others via her empowering books and uplifting merchandise.

Thus, throughout 2020 and 2021, Karis made preparations to launch Karis Brands, her inspiring merchandise site (now redirected to her Tail Life Shop), along with T1 Rise, a super-brand of eight social activism risings, and Tail Life, a merchandise site uniting people and their pets around the world. She also began formulating plans for Tailzee, a social network platform, devoted to uniting humans and their animals around the world. These projects, along with many others, will begin launching the beginning of 2022 and beyond.

For pleasure, Karis enjoys reading, traveling, rescuing animals, collecting art, and decorating her circa 1925 home. She also loves exploring the world and hopes to grow Finding Zeni, Inc., the holding company for her inspiring projects, into a successful, caring, and compassionate company with a mission to uplift and empower others. Her future plans include building a home and an animal rescue center on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, where she frequently retreats to write.

Stay tuned for more information, as Karis is set to release the first book of her Goddogs series on February 21, 2022, and finally market book one of her other series, Escape the Swamp (formerly The Toad Chronicles series). Also, check the Tail Life Shop for her other series, Becoming Grace, available in paperback, e-book, and audio formats, as well as her inspiring Karis Brands products.

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