11-Pack of Toad Short Stories (Mobi Format)


Buy all 11 toad short stories today, and SAVE! Zeni’s escapades will keep laughing one minute, crying the next, shaking your head in amazement, even gritting your teeth in anger, as you meet a whole bevy of toad personalities living in the swamps!

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To give readers a sneak peek inside The Toad Chronicles adventure ride series, Nikki Karis is publishing Zeni’s escapades with each of the toads showcased during the various legs of the ride as short stories. These short stories do not contain the adventure ride narrative between Zeni and guests aboard the ride.

These short stories can be purchased individually or in a bundle. Buy one, three, six, or as many as you like, and get to know the various subspecies of toads living in the swamps. Presently, eleven short stories are available for purchase, depicting the toads showcased in Awaken to the Journey, book one of the series.

If you enjoy these short stories, then delve deeper into the series by purchasing a copy of Awaken to the Journey, and join Zeni and her guests aboard leg one of The Toad Chronicles adventure ride. It’s an adventure you surely won’t want to miss.


About The Toad Chronicles: Awaken to the Journey

Climb aboard The Toad Chronicles for an inspiring, theme park adventure ride set in the metaphorical swamps of life, as Zeni, the ride’s narrator, recounts the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming. When she first sets out on her journey, Zeni, who has endured various emotional traumas through the years, believes she will find the perfect person and relationship to complete her.

While trekking through the swamps, however, Zeni discovers some life-altering wisdom from the Universe which changes her perception of life, love, relationships, and most importantly, herself. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Zeni undergoes a metamorphosis where she awakens from her spiritual slumber and transforms, becoming her Superhuman, Divine Self.

In Awaken to the Journey, seven guests, Virgil, Winnie, Rudy, Emma, Charlie, Shaniqua, and Jennifer, board a swamp buggy for leg one of The Toad Chronicles adventure ride. Together with Zeni and José, the buggy’s driver, they travel to various destination spots where they meet the “commitment creep” toad and the “religious freak” toad, two of the nine species of toads inhabiting the swamps. At each of the stops, Zeni introduces the guests to one of eleven subspecies of toad personalities showcased during leg one of the ride by recounting one of her many escapades.

Before departing for the next stop, Zeni shares some of the life lessons she learned while trekking through the swamps, as the guests interject with questions and tales from their own adventures. Zeni also discloses some of the wisdom from the Universe she uncovered during her journey, helping to awaken the guests to transform and become their Superhuman, Divine Self.

At the conclusion of leg one of the ride, Zeni relays one of the most important life lessons she learned during her adventures. She states she became a much happier person once she was finally set free from the unrealistic expectations implanted in her subconscious by the fairy tale about Prince Charming—once she saw and accepted herself and others for exactly who she and they are, like toads full of warts and imperfections; once she accepted life for exactly what it is, like a swamp fraught with all sorts of difficulties and imponderables.

Join Zeni for an uplifting, inspiring, and empowering adventure through the swamps that is set to awaken humanity, transform mere mortals into Superhuman, Divine Beings, and help create peace, love, happiness, good health, and abundance here on planet Earth. Buy your ticket for leg one of The Toad Chronicles adventure ride today!


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