Becoming Grace Series Bundle (Mobi Format)


Buy the Becoming Grace 5-Book Series of inspiring messages by Nikki Karis and receive a free e-book of her 500 Powerful Affirmations or Heartwarming Animal Messages.

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Enjoy the Becoming Grace series, showcasing a collection of 800 inspiring messages written by author and inspirational speaker, Nikki Karis, and dedicated to empowering you to become your authentic God Self while achieving an amazing state of grace.

Karis began writing her inspiring messages March of 2009, approximately two years after her father passed away. At the time of her father’s passing, Karis experienced a huge energetic shift where she began clearing toxic people and situations from her life. As she cleared away this toxicity, Karis’ crown chakra began to open up, and she started receiving invaluable wisdom from her Higher Self. During this transformative period, Karis also reconnected with her God Self and discovered her Divine Purpose, giving birth to her book series, The Toad Chronicles, and inspirational company, Finding Zeni.

Via her collection of inspiring messages, Karis shares the many life lessons she has learned and the wisdom she has gained through the years, helping to uplift and empower you to rise above any challenges or difficulties you may be facing. Her inspiring messages will help you find empowerment, transform your life from the inside out, reconnect with your God Self, and attain an amazing state of grace.

Select this bundle, and receive a free e-book of Karis’ 500 Powerful Affirmations or Heartwarming Animals Messages.


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