Heartwarming Animal Messages (Audio)


Enjoy this inspiring collection of heartwarming animal messages and videos written and spoken by Nikki Karis, as inspired by the Karis Animal Sanctuary. (84 messages in total) *a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be dedicated to Karis’ animal rescue efforts around the world 

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In her book, Heartwarming Animal Messages, Nikki Karis shares her inspiring animal messages, dedicated to all the stray, neglected, and abused animals around the world. Karis’ uplifting messages were inspired by her love for animals, devotion to animal advocacy, and passion to ensure animal rights are honored and protected.

Karis is committed to drawing attention to rescue animals, feeling they are often overlooked for adoption given they aren’t purebreds. Instead, humans, by seeking to buy purebred animals, encourage the continuation of unethical animal breeding which serves to perpetuate the out-of-control pet population and alarming euthanization rate.

Sadly, the value of an animal’s life, especially those who aren’t purebred, is thought to be worthless, resulting in a staggering number of animals being euthanized every day. This is due to a myriad of reasons including a failure of humans to spay and neuter their pets, to consider a pet a lifetime commitment, and to recognize the beauty present in an animal who is less than perfect.

Karis firmly believes that animals are some of our greatest teachers here on planet Earth as they possess the ability to forgive, even after enduring abuse and neglect. Animals also love unconditionally, meaning no matter what their owner’s imperfections might be, they love them without limitation.

Animals who have been rescued are especially loving and grateful for having been given a second chance at life. In an almost miraculous way, anxious, antisocial, and even aggressive animals can be transformed into the most loving, outgoing pets. Dogs and cats, who once roamed the streets, can transform into the most unbelievable pets filling their owners’ hearts and souls.

After reading her messages and listening to the videos in the Epub version of the book, Karis hopes you will be inspired, motivated, and find yourself feeling hopeful, empowered, and encouraged to involve yourself in animal rescue and other efforts that share one overall objective – to restore faith in humanity by having compassion for the animals. Like Karis, you may find yourself vacationing on a Caribbean island when a stray cat or dog visits your villa wanting a one-way ticket home.

Remember, adopt, DON’T SHOP, for your pets … RESCUE your next furry loved one and help make a fairy tail come true!

In the Epub and Mobi versions of the book, some of Karis’ messages contain an associated video, produced by Karis at her home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Readers can view the video by clicking on the link listed below the message. For the audio book version, listeners can visit Karis’ official web-site and link to playlists of her videos on her YouTube channel.

Purchase Heartwarming Animal Messages and enjoy Karis’ inspiring messages. (84 messages in total)

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