Stimulate Your Mind (Epub; Mobi)


Enjoy this inspiring collection of wisdom, perception, and integrity messages and videos written and spoken by Nikki Karis, part of her Becoming Grace Book Series. (135 messages in total)


Wisdom, Perception, and Integrity Messages (135 messages in total) – 

The inspiring messages written by Nikki Karis in her book, Stimulate Your Mind, will empower you to open up your third eye and become one with the Divine.

Associated with the color indigo, Karis’ Stimulating messages are connected with your crown chakra, which is the place where you receive the wisdom of the universe. Representative of intuition and perception, the color indigo promotes integrity, deep sincerity, and service towards humanity.

Karis’ Stimulating messages will not only help you obtain a deeper level of consciousness, they will help hone your perception of people and situations while encouraging you to act and speak fairly and with integrity. They will also inspire you to connect with your higher self and reach a state of spiritual enlightenment.

In the Epub and Mobi versions of the book, some of Karis’ messages contain an associated video, produced by Karis at her home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Readers can view the video by clicking on the link listed below the message. For the audio book version, listeners can visit Karis’ official web-site and link to playlists of her videos on her YouTube channel.

Purchase Stimulate Your Mind and enjoy Karis’ inspiring messages.

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