The Toad Chronicles: the “Two Timing” Toad


In escapade four of The Toad Chronicles adventure ride, Zeni shares her tale of meeting the “two timing” toad. Purchase this tale and discover the extent of this toad’s dastardly personality.

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Meet Timmy, the “two timing” toad, who Zeni meets at an out of town legal seminar she is attending with her good friend and fellow trial lawyer, Anthony. While Zeni and Anthony are having drinks at a happy hour sponsored by a legal marketing company, their table becomes surrounded by several male lawyers who are swooping in like vultures, hoping to be the one man to carry Zeni away.

After Zeni rebukes several of their attempts, Timmy approaches the table where she and Anthony are sitting and introduces himself. Zeni and Anthony learn that Timmy is a gifted trial attorney who has a practice not too far from their own.

After returning home, Timmy calls Zeni one afternoon, inviting her to join he and Anthony for drinks Friday evening. When Zeni arrives that evening, she finds Timmy and Anthony sitting at an outdoor bar smoking cigars. After Anthony departs early to see his family, Timmy and Zeni head to a Cuban restaurant for dinner where Timmy offers to help Zeni further her legal career.

What happens between Timmy and Zeni after that evening? Do they maintain a strictly professional relationship, or does something more develop between them?

Find out more about Zeni’s escapade with the “two timing” toad in chapter five. No doubt, you will find yourself reaching for the tissue box when you learn about Timmy’s dastardly personality.

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