Uplift Your Spirit (Epub; Mobi)


Enjoy this inspiring collection of happiness, positivity, and inspiration messages and videos written and spoken by Nikki Karis, part of Karis’ Becoming Grace Book Series. (111 messages in total)


Happiness, Positivity, and Inspiration Messages (111 messages in total) –

The inspiring messages written by Nikki Karis in her book, Uplift Your Spirit, radiate positivity and happiness while offering inspiration to you during difficult times.

Associated with the color orange, Karis’ Uplifting messages are connected with your sacral chakra which is where you find bliss and transform mundane, even challenging, experiences into pleasurable ones. Representative of warmth and joy, the color orange encourages you to look at the difficulties you face in life with a positive mindset while finding creative ways to get through them.

In the Epub and Mobi versions of the book, some of Karis’ messages contain an associated video, produced by Karis at her home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Readers can view the video by clicking on the link listed below the message. For the audio book version, listeners can visit Karis’ official web-site and link to playlists of her videos on her YouTube channel.

Purchase Uplift Your Spirit and enjoy Karis’ inspiring messages.

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